As a professional and responsible contractor, we are more than aware of our obligations in relation to the environment.

We have achieved UKAS ISO 14001: 2015 accreditation and operate in-house control procedures to uphold this and continually update, develop and maintain these control procedures to ensure this is maintained.

Across our business, we follow our environmental and sustainability procedures in all parts of the construction process from selecting and ordering materials through to construction and waste removal.

Our input at site level, is where we feel that we can make the biggest differences. Examples of the steps we have taken to reach our sustainability goals, includes:
  • All timber used on projects will be FSC grade, with full chain of custody
  • We use labour which is local to the area of works
  • All waste is segregated and placed in separate waste bins
  • We re-use materials where possible
  • We store materials accordingly to ensure that no materials are wasted
  • We would source materials locally (where possible)
  • We would use a multi drop system to reduce the number of deliveries and CO2 produced
We have developed a project specific environmental plan which incorporates waste plans, park recycling targets and identification of risks and opportunities. We have also worked on a number of projects which have targeted BREEAM and LEED ratings. With our knowledge of materials and construction methods, we were able to assist in achieving the credits our principle contractor required.

We work with and are monitored by Carbon Footprint Ltd. in relation to carbon emissions and have successfully offset our carbon emissions, generated by our service activities. To October 2019 we have successfully offset the calculated tonnage generated and our year’s performance will be again reviewed again in October 2020.

Our business takes carbon emissions extremely seriously and we continually educate ourselves and actively look for ideas from all employees and subcontractors in relation to minimising this impact.

Waste Management

We are a Licenced Waste Carrier and, with our partners, we recycle 95% of waste generated and use Waste Management Plans to control and monitor waste removal from site, whilst maintaining the appropriate records, for continual review.