Health and Safety

Daval Construction has, at its core, an unbreakable commitment to Health and Safety. We have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy and system, which is continually monitored and updated to accommodate change.

All elements of the construction process are controlled through compliance with our strict and audited procedures through to continual training of our employees, work force and subcontractors.

All of our sites are Health and Safety audited on a weekly basis with issues dealt with as soon as possible by senior management.

The training of management and operatives is consistently reviewed in relation to the activities that they will need to carry out or monitor. Following this, if any training is required, it is arranged immediately to ensure that they are able to carry out the activity in a safe and compliant manner. A training matrix for all our employees is maintained to enable us to continually review new and expiring certificates and book any required training.

We encourage staff to focus on their continual professional development and fully support appropriate requests for training, as we believe that it assists the individual, the company and the industry as a whole.

Mental Health Awareness is also at the forefront of our focus on employee health and safety. To reinforce our proactive approach to this important issue and the Mental Health Charter, we have in-house Mental Health first-aiders. Daval Construction readily complies with a Mental Health Charter (copy available at request). As part of our charter, our operatives receive a Mental Health Awareness toolbox talk and our goal in the immediate short term is for all our supervisors and senior management team to attend our Mental Health Awareness training day.

It is our honour to contribute to and sponsor a number of charities who are committed to both physical and mental health, including The Lighthouse Club and many others.